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First Flight Fatal Crash ? - Need Help PLS - Noob ! Bad Motor ?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Help' started by DronedAF, May 24, 2016.

  1. DronedAF

    May 24, 2016
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    Greatful for resources such as this !! I have years of RC exp. but this is my first 'real' drone. First the breakdown....

    Vision 2 - Bought used, stock as far as I know, except gimbal. Phantom bought from trusted source/adult owned.
    Rotorpixel Upgraded Gimbal

    <><><> CRASH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/6cM-eyn3Lg0

    I completed all user manual pre flight checks for my first flight, cal. compass, etc. had 9 GPS sat. synched. before take off.
    ***** I don't know if this matters but I want to include: The mod gimbal is too long. Prev owner was able to launch from hand and catch to land, but I needed to be on the ground. To do this w/o hitting gimbal, I painted orange (2) very light pine wood incense burners from Walmart and zip tied to the landing rails to give it extra 1/4 raise so cam wouldn't hit ground......Did this mess aerodynamics up ? Too much weight ? Wind resistance ?

    As you can see in the video below. It took off ok as far as I know (first flight). I sent out from me not more that 50' high and figured that was far enough. I simply performed a 180 to point home and as the 180 completed, the drone lost all lift, dropped to the Earth and flipped on impact. I performed a shut down as I ran toward it, several 100 feet away, however when I arrived onscene, the motors were all in 4" deep course grass and trying to spin still. I re shut down, picked up and noticed all (4) props damaged.
    Changed all 4 props and changed battery.
    Attempted to re launch drone only now to find that it has NO lift. When I try to take off it flips left to right, tumbles to its side, and tips over, not ever getting more than 1 foot off ground even at full throttle.
    *** Please bear in mind that I am a noob, this is my first "real" drone and would really like ANY insight as to what you think could have taken place here. I am grounded till resolved ;( bc I have NO lift.

    Thank you in advance !
  2. bernek

    Apr 8, 2016
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    Your Phantom seems to be very unstable and full of vibrations from the begining of the flight. Either the propellers are terribly out of balance or your have a bent motor shaft/motor issue or ballbearing with big problems. Its a P2V+ from the stable video but you can even see with the gimbal in action that the poor Phantom is very unstable.

    I think the Phantom had big issues before you bought it since its "used". I would recommend changing esc+engines+shell+props and test fly it again. Also make sure to use a new battery.

    Didn't you notice any hard vibrations ? It doesn't seem a windy day and the Phantom was all over the place.

    It could be the extra weight maybe ? can you weight the aircraft ?

    Can you try spin the motors by hand to see if there is anything unusual ?

    Just my personal opinion... I wouldn't fly it this way again.
  3. Mark The Droner

    Aug 26, 2015
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    You are at a great disadvantage with a gimbal/camera longer than the landing gear. That means you have to hand catch, and if you don't, the craft will flip. And when it flips, it will suffer damage. There have been many threads on this site complaining about the props digging into the ground causing damage to the motors. Hand catching solves the problem. Also, landing upright and gently, followed by left stick straight down also works well. It's been proven that CSC does not work best to shut off the motors when landing.

    It looks to me like it initiated auto-land which makes me have to ask about your battery. How much charge did it have when you initially launched?

    What do you mean by "performed a shut down"?
  4. DronedAF

    May 24, 2016
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    When I noticed from afar that the drone was upside down, I did the lower corner w/ each stick to get the motors to turn off since it was on the ground. Was this not correct ? Pls rememeber that this was my first flight ever.
    The battery is older however not knowing its usage history, but knowing and trusting accurate information from the person I purchased from, he stated that the battery was in about 90% of original condition.
    When I took off for what was less than 3 minutes off the ground, the batt was showing 85% I believe. I figured this was more than sufficient to go a couple hundred feet and back, low, with no wind conditions.
    And to now.....any idea why, after charging the battery full again, it wont lift off the ground. It tries to lift, then tips over onto its side, but motors look as if they are spinning equal speeds.
    Is there any diagnostic application or tool I can use to test/review the motors to eliminate variables to determine what exactly I have to change out to get it flying again ?!
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