Fatshark pred and Immersion ossd help !

Jan 5, 2015
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I picked up a set of FS predators and a ezOSSD from immersion. What i cant figure out is the wiring,

On the Immersion OSSD there is a board that says current sensor. I am not sure what it does, I have every thing plugged in occurring to the diagram except for the two plugs coming off the back of the Current sensor. There are two larger yellow plugs:

1. battery ? where do I plug or wire this into the phantom2
2. ESC where does this one go ? what is an ESC

Both are labeled with plus an minus

I also have a Phatshark filtered power gadget that i do not know what it does, I am guessing it filters noise from the power coming off the Phantom .. if I use this how should i wife it in ...? it has a TX , 4s 3s and 2s. Is this to power the kit with battery ?

Please assume I know nearly nothing so you have to be kind of simple with your descriptions as I am not likely to know common terms ect ...
I'm afraid you can't really use the current sensor on the Phantom 2 as it requires the battery feed to go through the 2 large plugs.
A lot of rewiring would be needed....

The ESC.. this is an electronic speed controller. There is one for each of the motors.... again lots of rewiring!

you are better off getting the DJI IOSD mini onscreen display instead. That is essentially, plug and play.
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Since the phantom 2 uses the smart battery, it will be a little messy to wire up the aftermarket OSD system. I think DJI Mini iosd is the way to go, very simple and easy to hook up. If you get the right easy cable, you don't even need to solder anything.

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