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Apr 11, 2015
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Tampa, Florida
This is my first Phantom product but not my first RC aircraft and I'm wondering is this a failed, poorly executed release....

Based on all the issues with the Phantom 3 release is this normal for DJI?

I mean there has been lots of issues and rumors with this release. Backpack with P3P, iOS app not working, shipping delays etc.

Is this normal for a highly anticipated DJI product release? Was this the same deal for the Inspire?

As a first time buyer it's kind of crazy to think that an issue like the iOS app not working would even exist. You would think that is something that is as important and promoted would work well before units started shipping.

I am still waiting for my P3A and after hearing about the iOS delays I wish I would of waited longer. I am afraid a rushed app may have bugs or other issues that may cause a crash.

So do you think this is a failed poorly executed release? Or is this usual business for DJI?
Lets go this route with him....

The Phantom is toy, I would get your money back ASAP.
The Symia X5c1 Is a professional Unit and you can find it on Amazon.
It comes with a Camera too...
Much better support and quality..

I hope this answered your question....
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So do you think this is a failed poorly executed release? Or is this usual business for DJI?

I think you're being treated unfairly by members of this board. I personally feel we owe you an apology, and I will respond respectfully and frankly.

By most standards, DJI definitely didn't schedule the release/approval of their Android and iOS apps properly.

The Inspire 1 had a similar issue (in this case they tried to circumvent the normal MFi licensing process, and a number of people on DJI's own forum pointed that DJI were in violation of their Enterprise agreement).

I still have a GPS drop out bug in my P2 Vision+. Customer support is by any reasonable standard, pretty poor.

That's the truth. I love my aerial robotic camera, but this is the reality of DJI today (and for the last 8 years).
Thank you HunterSK, That is exactly what i'm looking for, not these other folks that think they are funny by calling people Trolls.

I understand that issues come up with a launch as popular as the Phantom 3, but I have heard of similar issues during the launch for the Inspire. Thats why I was asking. Does it all work out in the end, after the initial bugs and issues are ironed out? Or is this just an issue that will keep popping up. Either way, I am glad I got in on the pre order, and don't really regret my purchase.

Thanks for your response.
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I agree. I have been labeled a troll for various reasons as well. Screw these people . YES, it seems the same issues are affecting the P3 as the Inspire..DJI can't seem to get their act together. Many of these newbies here just can't wait for the NEW P3, like lap dogs at the door waiting for the mailman. I for one will wait for the first 10,000 to be delivered and sorted out. Guaranteed there will be issues with these like the Inspire
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Air5, I believe the biggest issues regarding the Inspire 1 have been resolved. They had rare issues of the props coming off during mid flight and compass issues. Both of this were resolved, but it was an embarrassing situation to witness (imagine realising that props come off on your $3000 drone).
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Honestly this is a normal launch for almost any tech product. There's always rumors, there's always defects, there's always something to fix. What's really going to define the launch will be how fast they remedy the issues.
We are dealing with the Chinese. Nuff said. It is what it is, but is still the best RTF in the class available. Take it for what it's worth and deal with the crappy support.
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We are dealing with the Chinese. Nuff said. It is what it is, but is still the best RTF in the class available. Take it for what it's worth and deal with the crappy support.
He's right...better watch it though, you'll be labeled a TROLL and xenophobic by QuadPilot for bashing his beloved DJI Chinese owners who can't take ANY criticism
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Of course it is a failed release, but no suprise, they want cash upfront, share the development at owners expense, DJI knew the release date, they new the time line with ios release, no APP to fly, no spare batteries, even though many already paid for them, limits on altitude and output power (EU), no GS, and so on

They don't give a **** because at the moment there is no real competition, no doubt they are having a good laugh at our expense
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Why are people calling the OP a troll? It was a pretty legitimate question, and I've been wondering the same thing.
Ahaaa ,their bored o_O
We are dealing with the Chinese. Nuff said.

This is an inappropriate comment. If you want to criticize DJI, you have that prerogative. Criticizing an entire people is inappropriate.

For everyone accusing the OP of trolling, you could give someone the benefit of the doubt before jumping down their throat.

It is not unreasonable for someone to ask if this is normal. DJI has a record for launching products before they're ready. This would appear to be similar. That said, DJI does fix the majority of their issues. They do a great job of innovating quickly. Sometimes they get ahead of themselves. All the issues aside, they wouldn't be where they are without having good products.
If it's getting out and getting to customers, then it's not a failed release.
Not ideal, but certainly not failed. This kind of stuff happens with simultaneous releases. Home countries (china in this case) typically get priority. Those on the other side of the world suffer lag. Only a few companies can pull off simultaneous global release of a consumer electronics product and get it close to right.

Also... never go by message boards as an indicator of success. People overwhelmingly ***** and complain online, while satisfied customers, remain silent and satisfied--they just don't rush to the internet believing that crying like a baby about their phantom being 3 days late will fix anything. It is no litmus for what the market is really doing. Quite the opposite.

I actually find it quite humorous how some people lack the patience to wait an additional three days. They get pissed off and frustrated because their item, that they are currently living fine without, isn't showing up on a day it was never promised to begin with. Canceling orders and placing new ones, blaming vendors, blaming apple (like this is apple's product), and making fools of themselves because they can't have their toy the day it ships form the wharehouse in Shenzhen. Important to keep in mind the only official release date from DJI's mouth to the press was "Early May."

Relax, wait. Your Phantoms will arrive before "Early May" ends and you will be able to fly it around for whatever time critical must-have-right-now-or-universe-will-end event you need it for. Complaining constantly and hassling vendors at their busiest time of year isn't helping.

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