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  1. Andrew The Gold

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Hi, sorry for the question that might be very basic and maybe already covered in the form.

    I' ve been taking some nice panorama shooting switching from DJIGO app and going to Dronepan just for the time mecessary. And then back to DJIGO (both APP open same time). Everything went great.

    But today once I go to DronePan and start taking pics, the bird was not keeping the position firmly as usual ... And the other APP was disconnected.

    So I landed immediately very scared.

    Tried again, same story + weak transmission.

    Is this meaning that the two APPs cannot be open. Same time ?

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  2. Mark C.

    Apr 12, 2016
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    I'm not familiar with the Dronepan app, but assuming it helps you pan smoothly. In the settings of the DJI Go app, you can adjust the Gain settings for Yaw. Instead of a straight angled line, you can drag the line to be a small S shape at the intersection of the axis lines. If at the intersection in the Y axis direction the angled line travels as S shape, it will give you a slower pan at the start of your RC stick input. More input will increase the pan speed. The same goes for the other Gain control adjustments, and you can adjust to your preference. I will look to see if there is an YouTube video that I can share the link.
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