Drone Zone Repair Nightmare

Dec 11, 2013
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I have a Vision 2 Plus that had a problem with communication. My connection got pretty shaky at around 100 feet. I still could shoot photos but the display would freeze up. I contacted Drone Zone in Arizona. There $99.00 labor deal sounded pretty good to me. I paid the $99.00 and shipped her off to Drone Zone via insured priority mail. After a reasonable amount of time i was contacted by Drone Zone and was told i needed a new range extender. This also seemed fine. there price was competitive. I was told soon after that my drone was now working perfectly. I asked Drone Zone to ship back the drone using my UPS account. They agreed. Next day I got some mumbo jumbo about how there UPS office could not ship with my account. So DZ shipped it back priority mail. Another $50.00 or so out of my pocket. Upon receiving the box, i was horrified to see the way my drone had been packed. Absolutely no care had been taken. Very unprofessional. I tried to fire up the camera. No response at all. Completely dead. I called DZ. They asked me to ship the drone back. Another $50.00. I was reluctant, but was assured by DZ that if the problem was due to anything they did that they would pay shipping back from them and refund my shipping down to them. At this point it seemed like my only option. After another couple of weeks of back and forth about QR codes and range extenders I was informed that my camera had to be replaced. I passed on this option. DZ would except no responsibility for this. They offered to refund me for the range extender but not the labor. Without my authorization they refunded me for the range extender less shipping back to me. DZ put it on the slow boat with no insurance. Took 2 weeks to get it back. This time it was packed great!! My drone is still dead today as i cant afford to replace it. I had a nice little business going doing real estate photos. http://www.flyinghighfoto.com Thanks for nothing DZ!! Does anyone know the actual name of the guy that owns this business? If i can get a name i may have other options.

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