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Nov 13, 2016
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im new to the drone world. I got a phantom 3 for a $150 used when I bought it I was told what problems it had which was something with the motor on the camera and something with the compass and the guy I got it off of flew it right in front of me and I also flew it and everything he left and I flew it some more crashed it 3 times nothing major though and then that night I wanted to fly it at dark so I did and for got one small step and that was to put the antennas up so it took off on me and crashed hard enough to throw the battery out of it... so I figured I would try to fly it again the drone turned on and would do everything but fly it was like the controller wasn't connecting to the drone... so I boxed it up and started buying Misc. parts for it I bought a new shell landing gear camera motor wire set screw set gimbal blades blade guards gimbal guard I bought like $300 worth of parts for it. I stripped it down to basically nothin to replace the shell and found some wires that were cut so I replaced them with me wires ran into a problem when I got to the antennas in the legs couldn't figure out how to hook them back up finally figured that part out and finally I got it to where I could at least turn the drone on meaning I didn't put all the screws in the body just in case I had to take it back apart.. so I tried it out the drone turns on and everything but it will not fly!!!???? I don't know what's going on with it maybe I'm not quite sure on how to get the motors to start up but it is doing the same thing that it did right after I crashed it but now it has new parts on it...??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated or tips on where to look or what to replace next... I really want to fly it bad but I can't figure it out!!!! Thanks in advance!!
Apr 22, 2015
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Morecambe Bay UK
Even with the antennae down at the start it should not have taken off and crashed,if it had a lost signal it should have done a RTH, maybe you had insufficient satellites at start, or as the seller advised a compass problem.
No idea how to help you fix it, you need to supply more info, when you turn it on what does the DJI app show? can you arm the props?, is it detecting satellites, is the video feed working, any more clues would help you getting things resolved.
Good luck

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