Doesn't DJI keep their own records?!

Jul 4, 2016
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Sterling Heights, MI

So, my one drone that was sent in for repair was covered by DJI Care.
Send it in - they replaced it with a new one (aircraft and gimbal both) - no charge to me, deducted from DJI Care balance - Awesome!!

That same unit is back in for repair again, fixing tilt issue as well as some minor other stuff, I mean, why not, it's already there and I have DJI care...

I get the repair quote and DJI care is NOT there! I call -- they didn't update my DJI Care Agreement to reflect the new serial numbers of the craft they sent me in return.

Aaaannnndddd the guy on the phone is like, So how do we know?
I'm like, "ummmm, YOU sent this to me, it came from YOU, YOU should know!"

Ticket opened and escalated ... let's hope this is a minor glitch/false alarm. Just annoyed and hadda vent ...
do you have the ability to login and change dji care settings such as serial number? If not, all on DJI.
Not uncommon. I have run into this several times with Apple computers.
I wanted to update this. I sent an email to djicare and asked them to update their records to reflect the new serials numbers and so my repairs can commence under my dji care contract. In less than four hours that was done. Great!

It's been 5 days ... I've written them every day asking, when will the REPAIR WORK be updated and commence. This is a trivial repair, under $150 with just a couple of external parts. My last two experiences they repaired in one day each time. I am convinced this has fallen through the cracks.

However when they reply I get snarky answers that say, we are well aware of your concerns and trust us we are doing it right. And then nothing happens.


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Further Update: Called today and was told. Ah yes, I see that you had the serial number updated. And I see here that DJICare asked Repair to performed Expedited Service. Unfortunately the entire order has been sitting idle because it was still marked as "waiting for payment" - but I've just updated it and they'll begin the process again, tomorrow, hopefully.

I KNEW they weren't working on it, just had that gut feeling. Argh! "Simple" repair is going to end up being a full month turn-around. You better believe I now have them fixing everything even if it was just cosmetic.
Further update - I've now got 3 of their people telling me; Stop writing and calling, we have heard you and we have expedited your repair order. Everything is fine and it will be repaired ASAP.

Today I get a "Friendly remind that your order is awaiting payment before repairs can be started" e-mail. I call and, sure enough, even though the agent can see all the notes on the account stating that it IS covered by DJI care and it IS noted for expedited repair, he says, but, gee, it's still marked as waiting for payment.

Good News Update

A DJI employee read this post and contacted me offline.

The repairs were completed immediately and they are shipping my P4 today, using FedEx Express, as well as including a new P4 battery as a way of apology.

I'd been happy with just getting the attention that was warranted. This is above and beyond and this employee deserves my sincere thanks and has it!

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Kudos to you. What do you do for a living?

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