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  1. Isvet

    Sep 5, 2016
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    Good afternoon, Internet users. This touching letter I would like to divide by 8 short parts.
    Part first is the saddest: "It has drowned!"
    Part second: Threatening letter.
    Part third: Hopelessness.
    Part fourth. Chronicle
    Part fifth. Thanks a lot
    to the DJI team
    Part sixth: Magic numbers 1280x720 60p
    Part seventh: Hello! How are you doing, support service?
    Part eighth final: International Warranty.

    Basically all of the text in Acts will include my correspondence with support service. I don’t know whether I have the right to spread the correspondence from the moral point of view. But in fact I don’t give a **** now. If you want sue me.)) In order not to tire the user, I'm not going to lay out the whole conversation, but will put only the basic quotes of correspondence.

    Part first is the saddest: "It has drowned!"

    Would be desirable to start the first act from the very end, and it is my last letter to support service. In this letter I described the incident almost entirely.

    22nd of June
    On June 22 I was shooting the quay of Petrovskaya fortress, it was the fourth flight of the drone. I flew with the standard settings and didn’t use additional functions. At this day it seems that I’ve set the settings, video recording 1260x720 30fps and was showing online on youtube. About 5-6 minutes it was a normal flight over the quay. Then, I landed the drone to the ground and had put the settings for it 1260x720 60fps, later, I switched activetrack and designated a person, a couple of times it disappeared from the activetrack’s field of vision. I canceled activetrack and flew back, the camera was aimed at people, I was flying over the water, joystick was directed only to backward movement, up and down left and right, I was not directed. Was flying just backward. I do not remember, was I flying looking at the camera of the phone or looking at the drone. But remember, it stopped and hovered for a time, on 1-2 seconds, he began to land on the water,then I looked at the phone, it had gone in standby. I undressed quickly and swam after it, for some time it tried to rise up, but it swallowed too much water and drowned, I did not have time to reach it with 10 seconds. Then I got out and was in complete psychological shock. I did not understand. What have I done wrong? I looked at the phone, and I do not remember what was there. Then tried to call the divers, but have not found. Only after some time I’ve been recovered, and learned about the logs. And wrote to you.

    On July 13-14, I conducted an experiment with a new drone. I have already described to you what I was doing. I’ve sent you on July 13 where in the drone was also not triggered RTH. If you need any more information or have some questions. Ask, I will attempt to describe in detail.

    Part second: Threatening letter.

    From the first act the user can understand crux of the problem. But some issues have not been disclosed, and in this part, I will reveal them.

    July 5, I wrote the first letter to support service, that the drone fell down, we were talking with quite short phrases and everything that the support service requested I have given. After a discussion I was offered a coupon for 30% of the drone cost. I was surprised, I was shocked, and I was very angry. I rummaged through the entire Internet, but about the coupons was no any words. And I decided to act. Found another drone and July 13 began to conduct experiments to establish the same parameters as at the wreck. I led the drone far away from the starting point, turned off the console, and it just hung there a moment and began to land. That is RTH hasn’t triggered! On the joys, the next day, July 14 I has made video recordings, collected logs, gathered all correspondence with support service, collected all the thoughts and 21 July wrote a threatening letter.

    Short citation of letters, with comments.
    Part third: Hopelessness.

    After sending the letter, I was confident of victory over the system. All the evidence I have, video, logs. I'm on horse, and my enemy is defeated. Fool! We were talking few days, solving some minor issues. For example
    I said, during the testing drone distanced by 71 ft, and when it has drowned more than 80 ft. And every little thing. And 27 July, letter came.

    I really wanted to ask a lot of questions after this message:
    So, what is next? Where the drone landed? Why has it landed on the water? Why RTH hasn’t triggered? What mistakes did I make? What had to be done so that this wouldn’t happen? What happened at all?

    Part fourth. Chronicle

    In this part, I wanted to show the chronicle of events. So that you could understand the sequence of events that have occurred.
    June 22 the drone fell down
    July 5 wrote the first letter.
    July 12 coming out a new firmware
    July 13-14, conducting a test flight, which shows RTH non triggering.

    I think I used version 2.8.1 of dji go, and now already exists 2.8.4.

    Part fifth. Thanks a lot to the DJI team
    July 13-14, I could see that a new firmware appeared, but has not updated it. Am I a fool? I wrote all the things down, documented and sent to support service. It is worth mentioning, the drone which was being tested is not mine, and has been bought for the trip. Unfortunately, at the end of the month it was updated, and on the 27th was received a letter from support service. But I didn’t despair, I believed in the DJI, and thought that they didn’t fix it. August 3 I was given a drone for 1 day, for testing with the new firmware. And what a miracle, they have corrected this mistake! And now drone’s RTH triggers normally. Thanks a lot to the DJI team! Well, how they fixed?

    Part Sixth: Magic numbers 1280x720 60p
    The theme could be called the "ravings of a madman." But anyway we will be based on facts.
    Read the specifications on the website.
    DJI Phantom 4 – Specs, FAQ, Tutorials and Downloads
    HD: 1280 × 720 24/25/30/48/50 / 60p
    The first letter. I wrote that I’ve set option of 1280 × 720 60p, and after some time the drone fell down.
    While testing an old firmware also was put setting of 1280 × 720 60p
    And I learned that on the old firmware on PAL and NTSC standard you can set the parameter of 1280 × 720 60p
    In the new firmware v1.2.503, I have not found this option. There was no 60p button ... Or is it the ravings of a madman? There could be set only 1280x720 50p. Now I have no drones, but I was working on August 3 with the European version, and there as the default is PAL. What with NTSC parameter, I do not know
    Just for information. If you look at the video where I was testing the drone, you can see that the set option is 1280x720 50p, although I’ve set 60p. The program error..

    Part seventh: Hello! How are you doing, support service?
    When contacting support service, I thought it will be a lot of questions, a lot of parameters to send, a lot of questions to answer. Was a really open person who is willing to help to solve the problem. But in fact I sent a txt and video, and that's all. But more, what has completely finished me off, I have found an error, sent all the things to them. And was ready to go and remove the video again, to collect logs again. And in fact? You have seen the correspondence. And further finished me off! August 3 I did downgrade of the drone, and connected it to a computer, and the first time I learned that the drone keeps logs. Why support service, you have not asked me to send logs while testing??? Unfortunately, drone stores only a certain number of records, and it overwrites the old logs. I can not provide you with these logs.

    Part eighth final: International Warranty.
    As promised, I wrote this letter. Unfortunately, I do not have the drone to gather further evidence, but I just give you the facts that were with me. In it I have tried to show the existence of problems in the software. At which, if you have a problem with a mobile phone, remote control or with the signal, your drone will not back home. And just will land to the place where it is now. In my situation, this place was water. But these facts were not enough to engage the international warranty. Why? I don’t know. Maybe you can respond to this question.

    p.s. As a human, I have made many mistakes. And probably if I have not done it, there would be no letter, and everything would be well .. But to be honest, I would like to enumerate.
    1. The main mistake. In the evening, after the fall of the drone, mobile samsung s6 wept and said. You have little space, and proposed to delete the files. There was a video of 700 megs. I was depressed and I did not care, I saw that it was not opening and removed it. After I realized my mistake. But have got a video from youtube!
    2. I disgustingly recorded the video, which showed non triggering of RTH. It was necessary to show all the parameters that I’ve sent. And for showing the landing differently.
    3. We had to beg and plead not to update drone on which everything was tested.
    4. I did not write a lot of things. Just do not have time and have a lot of work. Even writing this letter took a lot of time.

    p.s. Unfortunately, I know English bad. And all that you read, has translated Denis for fee. Big thanks to him! And I can not answer you fully.

    Here is the test flight where RTH has not triggered, if your console shut down.
    I throw the original and restored version. This flight is showed on youtube.
    Logs for it.
    Here are the logs from the last drone’s flight.
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  2. ussvertigo

    Jan 28, 2014
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    South Georgia
    Could you have possibly lost RC connection and had setting in dji go for "Landing" When RC connection is lost? You stated at the time drone went down the phone had gone to standby, due to no signal from app?

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  3. Isvet

    Sep 5, 2016
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    I`m write
    I did not install in the advanced settings
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