DJI Repair Service experience (a rare positive post)

Sep 2, 2016
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Given the tendency for the majority of posts on online forums to be related to problems since most of us don't often think to say "everything worked as expected and I had no problems" and since many won't admit when they've made a mistake themselves, I thought I would provide a quick rundown of my experience so far with DJI Support.

I purchased an Inspire 1 from the classifieds on this forum, and while the AC itself was in good condition, the RC and case were not "pristine" as advertised. Specifically, the case handle mount was broken on one side (a common problem with the Inspire cases) and the RC housing was cracked on one side near where the carry handle attaches. Rather than try to run down a seller several states away who could deny or delay any reimbursement I figured I'd eat my losses, I operate under the motto of "buyer beware" and was willing to take a chance of needing to repair something given the price I paid for the Inspire.

I filled out the online repair request form for the case handle, after which I noticed the RC damage. I contacted DJI through the online chat service and they said I could just include it in the case and they'd repair it as well. I shipped the package on 12/6/16 and it was delivered on 12/8/16. It was processed on 12/9/16 as well as evaluated and the repairs quoted at what I think is a very reasonable price ($14 for the shell, $29 for the case and 1 hour of labor @ $65/hr.). Payment was issued on Saturday and the order was marked Paid and Repair in Progress this morning.

I'll update this post as it progresses, I know return shipping has been a reported issue so we'll see what happens since it's going from SoCal to Alabama.

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