DJI Phantom 2 Vision FC200 EGG camera - Black video FPV solution to fix

Hi guys. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. I've had a non-functioning camera for over a year. Following the process you developed, I now have a working camera again.

I appreciate all the work you did with documenting a fix. Hoping other folks find this helpful as well.
Hello I'm having trouble with my egg cameras
Hey Guys, well I think its time to revive this thread, I completely forgot about this with all that went on.

I found the board that i was using to test and fully intend to see if it can be reparied.

Wish me luck

@quaddamage are you still frequenting this forum mate?
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Yes. Not working on internals of any Phantoms though.
Still up for helping see if i can revive this old board, im bored and looking for a project
Good day! Please help EGG camera down
repair once with P2VFV it works . Then put it in box for some month it does not work again now does not flash
Waiting for the DM36x...
Target: BOOTME
BOOTME commmand received. Returning ACK and header...
ACK command sent. Waiting for BEGIN command..."

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