Dji Go App 2.6.1 downgrade

Aug 14, 2014
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Has any one got a link or have the file go.apk 2.6.0?
As i have a friend that has upgraded to 2.6.1 but he has batteries that are now made by DJI and he says the app does not allow take off as it says they are not dji batteries.
I find this strange as the app does not have anything to do with take off ect and he has not upgraded any firmware.. maybe the app just refuses to work.
I will speak to him later to find out what is what but just warning anyone who has any batteries not made by DJI until someone finds out if their is a problem.
Dont affect me as i use ios and would never use cheap copied unofficial l non dji items that have anything to do with flight or control
woops think i just posted in wrong area, can it be moved admin?
not me, he got them from ebay and some lcd ones too and they apear to not be working still, so warning to all that have non DJI batteries, the app says:
"none dji battery detected .aircraft flight prevented.
I really don't think it's worth cutting corners with batteries. If you've just spent a ridiculous amount on buying a P3 then why not be super safe and get an official battery :)

I really wouldn't recommend flying non-DJI official batteries. Some people probably fly them with no problems but is it really isn't worth the risk of all that money just plummeting out the sky when the battery cuts off. In my opinion I'd get a refund and buy official batteries.
Probably dji putting crap in the update to disable clone batteries. Seems kinda par for the course.
I can understand DJI doing this if the craft was under warranty. But after that it is non of their business.
They must make a big profit on the battery's.
Exactly. We live in a different world today. If it profits you or your company, its ok.
I now have the apk file and will downgrade it for him this morning, thank you all and special thank you to you know who you are ;)
I've had the same problem with a Powerextra battery I purchased on Amazon. Worked fine for weeks but started getting the non-DJI error after a recent app update, as others have described. HOWEVER, I found that the warning does not occur if you use a third party app. I use Autopilot from, which is a far more powerful app than the DJI app. When I fly with that app, the warning does not pop up and flights proceed as before. I guess this confirms the "problem" is in the app on the Smartphone/Tablet.
Does this issue not occur on iOS? Seems like all the threads I see on this topic are Android users.
Does this issue not occur on iOS? Seems like all the threads I see on this topic are Android users.
Yes. I occurs on both my iPhone and my iPad. But it only started happening after updating to the most recent app version earlier this week.
That's what I was afraid of. Now I need to figure out how to revert to 2.6.0 on my iPad. :(
I have a p3s. I upgraded firmware it 1.4.5. I have one Dji batt and one knock off batt. Both batteries worked just fine prior to the upgrade. After upgrade, 3rd party batt won't let me take off. I called Dji support. I got a line of company propaganda. They said that the 3rd party batt was unsafe and my drone could just fall right out of the sky. I told them that it worked just fine before update. I asked if I could go back to the old firmware where my battery worked- that firmware is unavailable. Thanks a lot DJI

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