Dji Go 3.0.2 issue

May 30, 2014
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Hi people, i had have some troubles on viewing Flight List log that started no more to update new flights.
Unistalled DJI GO 3.0.0 and reinstalled... but entered version 3.0.2.
Now old flight list appears after synchronize but in tapping on any one, displays "NO GPS SIGNAL" and screen stays black, no data.
My other device ios with version 3.0.0 still displays map, data etcs.
NO way at this time to check if are entering to the list the new flys.

Someone else having this kind trouble ?
Is there a way to go back to version 3.0.0 ?

Thans in advance. Juan
Hello Juan,
Yes, you can go back, if you backed up your iOS device on iTunes with version 3.0.0, just restore your device back to it.
If not
You can use Charles proxy to edit request, I have a post about reverting any iOS app through iTunes. Use Charlesproxy 3.0 or earlier ( free trial ) just delete after you revert. My original post is in phantom vision and phantom vision plus discussion.
I'll try to find a link!
Here it is:
Downgrade IOS APPS ( how to ) step by step!

Backup is much easier, but both will work. Remember 3.0 or older, in the newer versions they changed some things, and not the same anymore. Just follow my vid. And you'll be fine!

J Dot
Ok, i am so sorry. I did not know that there is an specific ares for this matter.
The issue is in Ipad 4 mini ios 1.0.2

Best regards
Ok, J Dot. Thanks veru much for the info.
If you find the link it will be very good.

Correction ios 10.0.2

Best Regards.
ok J Dot,
I will check if the issue is only with old flight logs and the new ones work ok.
After that i will do semethig else.

Thanks in advance fr the suggestions. Juan
It's odd, having read this I took the plunge and updated anyway, flew all day today, everything is fine, all functions and new and previous logs as well.

That's on iPad mini 2 10.1.1 with a Phantom 4.

Worth noting I've been flying this setup for about a couple of months so don't have logs pre 2.9 so couldn't tell for older logs.

Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
I also had problems with 3.02 getting constant loss of video transmission signals, even at close ranges. Downgraded the controller firmware, reinstalled 3.02, no help. It appeared that the auto radio channel selection mode was broken, as using the channel custom mode and manually picking a channel seemed to cure the problem. Another hint was that Litichi continued to work perfectly. Ended up using Charles Web Proxy to downgrade the DJI Go app to 3.01. Once doing that, the bird flew fine, with flawless video in auto mode.

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