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  1. PaulRhino

    Jul 27, 2016
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    hello people.
    Can anyone point to detailed instructions for the replacement of phantom 4 landing gear. Damaged mine today. Just for the aesthetics as I can tell for the moment. I'm confident the compass and the rest of the craft is ok.
    Still the craft might not fly right with the rear right leg damaged and taped up.
    Many thanks people.
  2. dirtybum

    Apr 14, 2015
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    It's something you can do yourself, you first remove the six screws that hold the gimbal on lower the gimbal and unplug two cables, set gimbal aside. Remove eight screws on the arms, pop the LED light covers off and the reflective tape on the inside, remove the screws for the motors, don't worry they won't fall out. Take a picture of the four antenna wires on the main board before you pop them off, (so you remember how they go back on )remember to pull straight up with needle nose. One screw on each side holding the main board to the bottom shell. Now is the hardest part of all massaging the 2 halves to unlock the plastic clips to hold the shells together. With the whole top off, you can access the leg screws on the bottom shell. When you go to put it back together do everything in reverse being careful not to sandwich any antenna wires when you lock the shell back together
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