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DashWare 1.4.3 Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fdnyfish, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Fdnyfish

    Jun 6, 2013
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    Barnesville, PA
    DashWare 1.4.3 Released

    -Reset free trials.
    -Added support for Flytrex CSV files, and added a lot of new Flytrex gauges to display applicable fields.
    -Added support for Alfano CSV files.
    -Added support for RaceChrono Version 2 CSV files.
    -Added support for Run.GPS CSV files.
    -Changed Qstarz data profile to filter out bad GPS coordinates.
    -Fixed heading calculator usage in GPX and NMEA data profiles.
    -Setup MoTeC data profile to use GPS coordinates, if they exist.
    -Fixed a bug where the last few gauges were not showing up in the toolbox.
    -Fixed a bug in the Data Viewer causing it to not pop up sometimes.

    Update Dashware Procedure

    1. Uninstall DashWare
    2. Move your Documents\DashWare directory somewhere else (so the installer doesn’t mess up trying to overwrite your custom gauges with our included ones of the same name)
    3. Then install new version of DashWare.

    You will not need the folder Documents\DashWare that you moved during step 2, as the new version of Dashware includes the Flytrex Profile and Flytrex Gauges.

    The only thing you might want to replace to the Documents\DashWare folder is any Templates you have made or any custom gauges you made that are not included with the new version.
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