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Mar 25, 2024
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Hi I have an dji phantom 4, after almost a year of not flying I decided to use it in an important project. But when I try to start my drone the controller is flashing red and white and rapidly blinking. Drone looks like is working normally besides the lights flashing red and yellow I made a little video so you can see exactly what I mean. Pls help me to fix it i really need my drone for that project.

Calibrate the remote, follow the steps in the app under remote control. Be sure to do the gimble wheel after the sticks and hit finish when complete, otherwise you'll have to repeat the process every startup. Red light and beeping will stop. Drone doesn't need to be linked to calibrate remote, just the screen
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He mention cant conect to app
How to perform rc stick calibration without app ? Curious
Yeh I did mention app reinstall in posts I delete,dont like 1 way conversation ,gut feeling OP wont be back ,duno why ,Im hated but gezz I said nothing so ,not keen on posters that start a thread and not return,just sit back and read, for that I return to delete what ever ,thread dont work like that
Hope he does return or at least update hes fixed it
Good info though,I did not think of calibration if he can conect 👍ha see even you left lol
Well good place to waste time anyway, or is it
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He can move sticks around back,forth,up down to temporarily stop lights and beeping but think a GO4 reinstall needed as well.
Explain this method ? Without app,ah it dont exist that's why
Have a happy day then
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