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Can different Wifi enabled cameras be used with the P2V?

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by CRankin, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. CRankin

    Apr 2, 2014
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    OK, we've all kind-of been dreaming of putting a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition on our P2Vs and using the Phantom's Wifi range extender to connect with the camera's Wifi and give us FPV... (Well, maybe not everyone... but I have. ;) )

    So, my question to everybody... is there anything keeping this from happening?

    With the Phantom 2, you wouldn't want to do that because of the 2.4ghz frequency used to control the Phantom - but isn't that solved with the P2V switching to a different frequency? (DJI's own camera uses Wifi, so there's a part of me that has to believe that this is no longer the "kiss of death" for our birds.)

    And then there's the question of pairing the range extender with the Wifi camera... but isn't that kind-of solved with the new app, which is supposed to allow you to specify a MAC address for the camera to connect to? (At least that's what I think I heard somewhere.)

    So what other technical hurdles exist that would prevent us from doing this? I realize that moving to a GoPro and using its app would probably result in losing display of a lot of other information transmitted in the Phantom app (like altitude, distance, speed, etc.), but if one is just flying this line-of-sight at low altitudes specifically for the purpose of taking pictures this doesn't seem like it would be a really big deal.

    Can someone tell me what (if anything) I'm missing here? I'd just really like to have the ability to control a GoPro while it's in the air, and this seems to be the most direct and logical way of doing it. I'd try this myself, but don't own a GoPro camera (yet). If this seems like it would work, though, I may consider buying one to try it out.
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