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Aug 30, 2014
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So I had to replace the WiFi Range extender (external white block thing on the remote control).

I'm running into trouble binding the new Range extender. I can find the Range extender and obtain an IP address from it. From there I'm stumped.

So far as I can tell my next step is to go into bindings and scan the QR code from my camera. I found the QR code - it's tucked above the camera and out of the way in an inconvenient place so I removed the camera to get access to it.

Sadly I can't get that stupid tiny little QR code on top of the camera to scan properly. I had to replace my phone (sad story involving a dead puppy and a swimming pool - don't ask) recently or I'd just get the MAC address off the old phone. And the MAC address isn't anywhere on the camera that I can see. Just the serial number.

So I called DJI. They asked for the camera's serial number and claim they will send me a new QR code by email in 3 to 5 days. Arrrrgh! If I knew my MAC address I could just type it in manually.

And why do I need the MAC of the CAMERA anyway? Isn't the camera plug and play? There's no wireless component inside the camera is there? I've changed cameras before without needing to do any kind of re-binding. I thought my binding was to the WiFi module inside the drone. Or do I have that wrong?

Sooo confused. HELP!
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Apr 10, 2015
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The numbers under the scan code are the MAC address just for info. They start with 6060.... You just need the last four sets of numbers to do the binding.

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