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Calibration of Transmitter

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by Flyboy, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Flyboy

    Jul 29, 2013
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    I have a question. Can someone explain in lamen terms how to calibrate the sticks on the stock transmitter?

    I was getting and error 29, but I resolved that. I seem to have the left throttle stick ok. However when I tried to switch to another part of the Naza Assistant software it keeps telling me to finish the calibration.

    So I just killed the software and took the Phantom out for a flight. It took off and the motors started like normal, but the right stick (X1 X2) seemed like they were doing the opposite of what I was doing.

    I am very new to this and was not sure how to calibrate this thing. Maybe I shouldn't have been messing around. As the software was giving me instructions on how to finish the calibration, it was kinda greek to me.

    It did mention if the sticks were reversed to do this??? I didn't get it.

    Any help will be appreciated!


  2. tanasit

    Jan 28, 2013
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    When using the NAZA Assistant, go to the RC tab, in the Basic section, on the left pane you will see the instruction on how to calibrate the TX. Basically you click the start button, the move both sticks to the maximum in ALL direction and let go.

    Disregard the X1 and X2 for now because I don't know how can you tell that they are doing opposite of what you're doing???

    You rarely need to calibrate the TX off the PC but below is how:

    1. Set the switch S2 at the OFF position, and the switch S1 at the GPS position

    2. Push the Throttle stick to the top position, and push the Pitch stick to the top position. Keep the Pitch
    stick at the top position manually since it can return to the central position when released.

    3. Turn on the Power Switch of the transmitter, you should hear the indicator sound of “Di—Di Di” from
    the transmitter repeatedly. Toggle the switch S2 to the CL position, you should hear an indicator
    sound of “Di” from the transmitter, in this case, the transmitter has entered the calibration mode.
    (During this period, the Throttle stick and the Pitch stick must be kept at the top position all the time.)

    4. Release the Pitch stick and pull the Throttle stick to the central position. Toggle the switch S1 to the
    ATTI position; you should hear an indicator sound of “Di” from the transmitter. Then move all of the
    sticks throughout their complete range several times. After this, put the Throttle stick to the bottom
    position, and toggle the switch S2 to the HL position, you should hear an indicator sound of “Di” from
    the transmitter, in this case, the transmitter has been calibrated successfully.
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