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Beginner buying question.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by nigel665, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. nigel665

    Aug 11, 2015
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    Hi Everybody!

    I have finally decided to purchase a DJI Phantom! I am looking ideally the P2V+ or the P3 Stranded. The only reason I don't like the P2V+ is that there is no option on the app for the drone to return home but you can on the P3. Is there a way to return home on the P2V+?

    Any help is appreciated! :)

  2. RoyVa

    Apr 10, 2015
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    Yes, the p2v+ can be brought back automatically in several ways. One is called home lock where you flip the S2 switch to home lock and then pull the right stick down to reverse and regardless of where then Phantom is it flys back to the home position. Another way is called Failsafe. You can turn off the remote control and it will automatically return to its home position and automatically land. Another way is to set up the S1 switch in the Naza mode to make it go to Failsafe when flipped to that position. Check out you tube videos on those functions and you will see how easy it is.
  3. Waylander

    Jul 14, 2015
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    West Yorkshire, UK
    Hi Nigel

    First make sure that in the DJI assistant software settings that return home is set as the default option in the event of RC transmission failure.

    The P2+ I believe is the same as the P2 , you will find that if you fly the bird away from you say 50 Mtrs then turn off the power to the RC the drone will go into "Fail Safe" mode after 3 seconds, and then begin its autonomous return flight home, when it is near to you you can regain control by First turning the R/H top switch from GPS to Atti and then turning the power to the RC on once more, you will find that you will immediately have control of the drones flight, flick the switch back into GPS mode and hey presto you have it back.

    I do this little routine on the first flight at any new location, just to be sure that the drone has got its Home point locked in, it only takes a minute but its worth it, if it does not return home just turn on the RC as described above, get it back down and do a compass calibration, then try again.
  4. BlackTracer

    Mar 29, 2014
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    Winter Park, FL USA
    I would add one comment to the above explanations of Return To Home (RTH). In NAZA mode there is no need to ever turn off the RC. In the assistant change to NAZA mode. Select IOC mode and set the S1 bottom position to Failsafe. Recalibrate everything including advanced IMU. If you lose control signal (i.e. out of range), the P2V+ will initiate RTH automatically. You can let the copter autoland at the home point, or regain control once the copter is back in control range by toggling S1 from GPS (S1 up) to ATTI (S1 middle) if in GPS, or from ATTI (S1 middle) to GPS (S1 up) and back to ATTI if in ATTI, then back to GPS if desired. Or if still in control range, you can manually initiate RTH by switching S1 to Failsafe (S1 down) then following the aforementioned regaining of control methods or let it auto return all the way. More pro tips, if manually intiating RTH leave the S1 down the entire time you wish RTH to be active. When regaining control keep the S1 in the regain position until control is regained then swith to any other mode.
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