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balance Y harness

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MILLER4PRESIDENT2020, Dec 6, 2013.


    Sep 27, 2013
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    so the harness I bought here in order to power a light and a battery monitor does not work.

    the battery monitor works if i hook it directly to the battery, but if does not work when i try and connect it to the the Y harness. the light works thru the Y harness though. After carefully studying everything for a few minutes it appears that the Y harness takes 4 wires off of the balance charger and splits them into 2 and 2. So i guess the headlight only requires 2 wires but the battery monitor requires 4 and that is why it is not working. Maybe I should have read the description on ebay better, now I understand why it says you can power 2 lights with the Y harness. oh well you live you learn.

    now the real question is, is there a Y adapter out there that will let me power a headlight AND battery monitor? or is this just something people rig up on there own?
  2. Buk


    Feb 28, 2013
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    Iowa, United States
    Found 3S (four wire) balance cables with male on one end female on the other, cut them up, soldered together and used liquid electrical tape to make a cable with three males (voltage alarm, video transmitter, LED headlight) and one female (connect to battery). Of course makes an ugly mess on the belly of the phantom.
    http://www.amazon.com/10pcs-JST-XH-...&qid=1386378191&sr=8-1&keywords=balance+leads I like carrying all four conductors to all ends, adds a bit of versatility, even if not needed by say things like the LED.
    Probably shipped from China, inordinate wait.

    Also use these too,
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