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Another newby question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by silverstreak, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. silverstreak

    Aug 22, 2016
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    I just bought a p4 and expecting delivery today. I will be using it only in very remote areas because I bought it for locating stray cattle in California and Oregon. I hear a lot of scary stories about crashes and flyaways and I was wondering if I will be less apt to have these problems since I will not be using it in areas with buildings and radio frequency. If some of you with experience can also point out what I might expect when flying is rural areas, that would be of great help since this is all new to me since I have never done this before. Can I expect greater range in these rural areas, a lot of people are saying they are only getting about a mile range, which is ok, as long as I know that. Also, if the p4 goes down, is it as simple as retrieving lat/lon numbers it last put out and going to the numbers with a gps unit to find my p4?
  2. msinger

    Approved Vendor

    Oct 30, 2014
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    Harrisburg, PA (US)
    The lat/lon will be recorded in the DJI GO flight log as long as the downlink is connected. If the downlink drops, you'll have to start at the last recorded point and make an educated guess as to where your Phantom might have headed. Or, you could attach a tracker like the Marco Polo. Other trackers will not work well if you're in an area that has spotty/no cell service.
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  3. flyboy73

    Jan 16, 2016
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    Pine Island, SW Florida
    I would only add that your transmitter signals will not go through hills or mountains at all, and will be diminished if they have to go through trees. It will work best with line of sight, so you'll have better luck with the P4 flying at higher altitudes above ground, assuming you can still see your cattle. And you might add a pair of windsurfers like these https://www.amazon.com/BTG-Advanced...71891774&sr=8-1&keywords=windsurfer+Phantom+4 to get greater range.
  4. Traveler

    Nov 27, 2015
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    Just put the Marco Polo on the cow, lol.
    Seriously, you may need a hood or FPV goggles to see well enough in the daytime to make it useful for locating objects. A good shade tree might help too.
    Good luck!

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  5. mmn


    Aug 12, 2014
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    Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
    If the monitor you're using has no cell capability or there's no cell service where you're flying you'll need to cache a google map for the area, if you want a map that is.
  6. Captain drone king

    Dec 3, 2016
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    This is one reason I got my p3a. I'd love to hear of your success and or failures. I'm doing the same in remote mountains of colorado.
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