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All things GS(Information,tips,suggestions are welcome)

Discussion in 'DJI Ground Station' started by andersonpaac, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. andersonpaac

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Illinois USA
    This is going to be more of a FAQ and important links reference post. Alot of questions here are repeated and sometimes very important tips are buried in some xyz page. I agree that the ground station is not a toy and proper research needs to be done before flying it and I thought I could put some questions , tips , videos(how to) here. I personally will go through every post and update this with a timestamp. Let's make phantompilots more organized and data more easily accessible.

    Note from OP
    1- please keep this discussion on topic. dont flood this with your thoughts on legality of flying drones in public spaces , how to deal with cops or privacy related issues
    2- If you've taken great footage thanks to GS , post what tips you can give us(if not already mentioned) and a link to the video.
    3- If you spot an error/correction to any of the things already posted , post or PM me.
    4-I have no affiliation with 1uas.com , I just want to standardize all product posts

    Active Questions <questions awaiting answers>
    1- What happens if R/C is off while using the ground station and not in a mission (simple controls) and the data link is lost?

    2- When does auto return to home take place without explicitly requesting for one from ground end?

    3- what is the range you've gotten (best)?

    4- Safe altitude for flying?

    MUST DO/Tips
    1) Update the ground end , air end and the BTU module using the DJI assistant software (references).
    2) Recalibrate the compass and wait for a satellite LOCK before first flight. (or any flight for that matter)
    3) Do NOT set the waypoints very close together , it is known to have caused problems. also remember to set waypoints away from trees and at a safe altitude
    4) If you're flying waypoints , account for GPS loss , GPS radius(accuracy) and don't fly close to buildings.
    5) Place the antenna at the air-end downward and the ground end upward. Flying from an elevated area helps range.

    References and Videos (HOW TO?)

    Product Info - http://www.dji.com/product/ipad-ground-station
    Manual - http://download.dji-innovations.com/dow ... .10_en.pdf
    PC Manual- http://download.dji-innovations.com/dow ... n_v3.0.pdf
    Assistant software-http://download.dji-innovations.com/downloads/groundstation/2.4G_Bluetooth_DataLink_Installer_v1.0.0.6.exe
    PC GS Software- http://download.dj2006.net/gs/GSInstall ... 4.0.10.msi


    1) Do I need hardware to use the ground station app on my iPad?
    A) Yes , you'll need a DJI ground station(references for link). It includes a BTU(bluetooth module) , a 2.4 Ghz Ground end and a 2.4 Ghz air end with the cables. To power the ground end you'll need a 3S or better or a USB Power bank

    2) Is this the same as PC ground station?
    A) Yes, the data-link serves as a solution to both the iPad and the PC.

    3) Is the ground station compatible with Phantom 2 Vision/Vision +?
    A) Not officially. However a very easy mod thanks to @wattsn. viewtopic.php?f=27&t=18439
    side note- Very helpful and a great contributor to the forum.

    4) Is there a Mac app for this or iPhone app or Android (tablet or phone app)
    A) NO. Yes , we need cross platform support. (But I personally think dji should work on customer care and stable firmware updates than anything at this point)

    5) How is the recently released app different from the ground station (P2V and P2V+ only)
    A) The app for the P2V is free(requires no additional hardware). However there are several restrictions as to the distance , the shapes , height , lack of PC support , several other features. It is a highly watered down version

    6) Number of waypoints?
    A)16 on the Naza M V2.

    7) Flying in circle a.k.a POI mode
    A) Not possible yet. the degree parameter is only at end points.

    8) Is the Bluetooth module required? /BTU module
    A) Yes , unless you're using the PC ground station

    9) Reception problems? Can't connect right?
    A) Make sure your air end is atleast 1.5m away and the two antennas(at air end) are 90 degrees with each other.

    10) Can I fly it only with the ground station and no Radio Controller?
    A) Yes (joystick -iPad) and (joystick-Laptop) and (Keyboard-Laptop).

    11) Bad GPS locking?
    A) If you live by the poles the DJI GPS will have an offset and is not accurate or even approximately accurate several times. This is a known bag with the Naza M / M V2 controller.

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