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  1. ThomasP4

    May 5, 2016
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    Hello P4 pilots,

    I have a question about the active track function while using it in the mountains.
    When taking off the P4 on top of a mountain and activating the active track function the following will happen.
    Me going down the mountain and the P4 will follow but will stay on the same altitude thats nice at the beginning but after sometime i will be at the bottom and the P4 will be 500meters above me and you can't see me anymore from that distance. Is there a way that the P4 will also flight down and stays at the same distance as the person that will be followed by the active track function. Just for you information this problem also works the other way around from taking off at the bottom to go to the top of a mountain. It would be great if someone can help me. Thanks a lot.

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  2. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    You will have to look in to using 3rd party apps to fly your Phantom to achieve this functionality. I can't recall which, Litchi or AutoPilot, but I think one of these offers this feature. I remember watching a video demonstrating how their app performs and the Phantom changes altitude when tracking and how it crashed doing the same route with DJI Go.
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