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2 x Phantom 3 Advanced P3A 2.7k camera / gimbal (almost good)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ody, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. ody


    Aug 27, 2015
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    London ON, Canada
    I have 2 camera / gimbals for a P3A

    $200 each

    1st one:
    Current firmware
    Video works fine.
    Gimbal looks good, but something does not seem perfect.
    If I have the P3 on a table in front of me, looking at the front (looking into the camera)
    If I tilt the P3 to the left a lot, the camera holds level for most of the tilt, but then it seems to loose it.
    Will flop down, then back to level. And this only happens some time.
    I've not flown with this camera in a while, so I'm not sure if it will hold for normal flights or not.
    I tend to fly in the Caribbean, so can't take the chance that its not 100% after spending the money on a trip.
    I've tried ribbon cable connectors etc, but basically spent way too much time on this and just need to get it to someone that know how to fix this.
    Selling as is of course.

    2nd one:
    Current firmware
    Video works fine.
    Gimbal makes a bit of a squealing sound. I think its the motor that tilts the camera up / down.
    Camera will tilt up / down from controls on the remote.
    putting a bit of pressure on the camera up or down, and the noise stops
    Side to side also works from the controls.
    Like the one above, I have tried the ribbon cable connectors, and anything I do does not seem to be making a diff. And again, I'm spending too much time trying to make this work, so I will have to leave it to someone else that knows more about these.
    Selling as is of course.

    My gut tells me these are not far from being perfect, but I just need to stop spending time on them.
    Hoping they will work for someone here and get them off my desk.

    I'm in Canada, but can easily ship to Canada / US.
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