1. B

    DJI GO APP LAG, Anyway to control camera via controller?

    With the new update from a few days ago, my app now lags as long as minute and even longer. Ex. I try to press record on the app via iPhone and it doesn't respond for a minute.. sometimes longer. ideas? Any way to operate using strictly the controller? -brandon
  2. S

    Follow me mode failed

    Hi all, It sucks that my first post to this amazing resource concerns a P3A fail (I should really have posted sooner about all the stoke I've been having until about yesterday!). I've been enjoying my new P3A (except the photo quality which suuuucks because of the blurriness, but that's a...
  3. RobVson

    P3advanced fell to death

    My beloved Spizzbittle crashed to earth yesterday and I implore your help, advice, skepticism or anything else that will help me fix my friend. I took my phantom up for the second flight in the same spot that day. Flights were approximately 8 hours apart. I did a thorough flight check, had a...