1. Nobel Drones

    WTB: Phantom 4 Pro Bundle under 1,000

    Hi Guys! I'm looking to buy a Phantom 4 Pro w/ batteries, accessories etc. for a reasonable price (under 1000$). If you have please PM me. Thanks!
  2. H

    WTB P3P Cam and Gimbal In Working Order

    WITHDRAWN - FOUND ONE The title says it all. Thanks for any help.
  3. Nick Wenzel

    WTB Phantom 4

    Looking for a P4 in relatively good condition, PM me if you have one Nick :)
  4. S

    P3P RC WTB or help fix :(

    So my RC screws all broke and the controller fell apart, I've looked over it very carefully and everything works fine except the C1 C2 buttons and the USB and microusb ports, now looking at the ribbon cable that goes from mainboard to com board, it doesn't appear to have any breaks or anything...
  5. J

    I want to buy a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries

    I am looking for a Phantom 3 Adv. or Pro. with at least 2 batteries. I do not want a huge package deal, I am trying to minimize cost. I just want the bare minimum amount of things needed to fly (controller, phantom 3 and batteries (and a charger)). I also have a P2V for sale with 3 batteries if...