1. Zorro

    Get off the Couch

    P4Pro Was having a bad day, laying on the couch feeling miserable. My girlfriend got tired of looking at me and told me to get out and do something about it. So I did.
  2. R

    Waypoint through tight spots

    I have the Phantom 3 Advanced. Has anyone tried using the waypoint feature through tight spots? Spots that are 15-20 feet in width? I have a client that wants aerial shots of his commercial property, but the property is surrounded by trees. Has anyone tried using the P3 through the woods or...
  3. tyknows

    Drone Marriage Proposal

    While my fiancé is excited she just got engaged and has a shiny ring, I'm excited I was able to pull off capturing it all with my Phantom 3 Pro :) Here is a 2.5 minute cut: I was able to make her think I had to shoot some aerial footage (for video production I do with a nature conservancy in...
  4. N

    Flying in the woods with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Not the ideal conditions to film due to the very harsh light, but I had to try a first flight in the woods with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It was a learning experience ! GPS was very weak and took a few minutes for the drone to acquire signal. Then, when flying, I kept losing GPS signal, so...
  5. jimerb

    What's your Minimum Altitude Flying Over Generic Trees?

    If you are flying over a bunch of trees that you have not carefully screened one by one (like woods or a Forrest) what altitude won't you fly below? I'm trying to see how much of an altitude wimp I am. I stay at 160 feet or above.
  6. AndyGB

    Misty Woods in Exmoor, England

    Escaping from the rain this afternoon in Hopcott woods, Exmoor, England. (And a chance to try out the Phantom 3's HDR and AEB modes).
  7. AndyGB

    Exploring the ravines of Toronto

    One of the many pretty ravines that wind through Toronto, Ontario.
  8. L

    30 miles west of St. Louis, MO

    Our company got a new P3 for inspections and surveys. I got familiar with it this weekend and flew a 1500' radius circle (give or take) around my house in our neighborhood. Wish I would've done it at noon. It was late in the day and there is sun glare while heading West during the first minute...