winter drone

  1. IamWedge

    This is Lake Superior a week ago. Lots of Ice

    Lake Superior had quite a bit of Ice coverage last week. The snow storms and the wind broke that ice up and its been in the 40's Enjoy the video. This was my first time using a filter and manual camera settings. I got to o much in to the flight to remember checking the camera. Ill figure it out...
  2. M

    drone flight over the church

    Hello! I want to share with you my video registered by DJI P3P above a catholic church in small village (Maksymilianowo) in Poland in winter. 1) VIDEO: 2) PHOTOS: panorama photo: 2017-02-04 - lot dronem nad kosciolem w Maksymilianowie - panoramiczne panorama HDR: 2017-02-04 - lot dronem...
  3. M

    winter snow drone video from Poland

    Hello! I would like to share with you my video which presents my Polish neighborhood from drone on winter snow season. VIDEO: PICTRUES: a) Here is my 2 panorama photos of my location. Click a green arrow to see next one: 2017-01-09 - lot dronem zima w Niemczu przy ul. Elizy Orzeszkowej -...