wind speed

  1. nonflyingbrick

    RTH wind calculator for the adventurous

    I've had several close calls when flying far away over water and returning against strong head wind, so it finally dawned on me that, since my love for adventure and risk is not going away any time soon, I've better have a handy calculator spreadsheet that will rein in my excitement with...
  2. Sim597

    Wind speed and weather app

    Because there was nothing newer in my search on wind, I'm posting a thread for those who are new here like myself. I saw the question of wind come up and found this to be an awesome app. It's weather underground powered, so uses either the closest weather station connected, or a composer of all...
  3. B

    Help with UAV Forecast Settings

    Since most of you guys use UAV Forecast I was wondering what do you guys use for settings. I know there are some defaults but I do not use them all. I know some people are going to say it depends on what you are comfortable with but I am looking for some sage advice. For example, what height to...