wifi won't connect

  1. Cameronb1

    Mystery of the disconnecting video feed

    I am a relatively new Phantom 3 standard pilot, and have been flying for 7 and 1/2 hours so far. I am happy with my drone, and have already taken some great shots, but as of today, i cannot fly more than 38-43 meters up, or more than 45-52 meters in front, without the video feed dropping out...
  2. eaglescout

    Little issues making pv2+ flaky

    Help my camera is tilted and the screws to remove cover are to tight to remove and scared I will strip to re-level. In addition I am having some problems connecting my android phone to the phantoms wireless. After a year of flying its getting flaky!
  3. D

    Replaced camera / New Mac ID and connection failure to Phantom

    I all. The camera that came with the Phantom would not give me green light so I replaced it. The one slightly used but tested and solid green light. Seller gave me ticket with camera's Mac ID which I changed in the app. The camera will take photo's with button and record video. Problem is I can...
  4. K

    Having trouble connecting DJI GO

    I have turned on the remote and the aircraft, then gone in the DJI GO app and it tells me connect to the "PHANTOM 3_XXXXX" wifi. So I go to the settings app in my iPhone and the wifi "PHANTOM 3_XXXXX" does not appear. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you so much
  5. S

    P2V+ Won't connect on wifi.

    Hi I just replaced the camera (crash) and now cannot get reliable, if any. wifi connection. I have run through all the binding procedures many times. Oddly it did show up and connect for a few minutes. Now its not connecting. Green lights are normal. Question: the manual talks about a switch...