wifi extender

  1. David Bruce Kerr

    What would cause a wifi exterder not to show power %

    My Phantom 2 V+ 3.0 does not show the percent of power of the wifi extender on the app. The icon is lit up, but it doesn't show the percent of power. This is important to me because I try to store it at 50% to keep the battery optimized. Does anyone know what could possibly cause this? Which...
  2. Dadannb

    [help]RE700 wifi connected to my phone but the App say "not connected"

    Greetings, I'm a newbie, Sorry if i make a thread on a wrong room.. i need some help. I have P2V+, remote NPVT581 5.8GHz, and gimbal, i can flight well enough more than 15 times battery charging.. And i want use the camera, so i buy wifi extender RE700 (not RE500 i dont know the difference...
  3. E

    Wifi Extender (with battery)

    Hi Guys i am really having a hard time finding the perfect solution to this problem: Problem: PORTABLE wifi extender that is BATTERY POWERED and can be used on 2.4ghz to extend the range of the wifi of either gopro/sjcam/fc40 cameras. i looked at many of the tp-links but they all have a...