wifi antenna

  1. S

    Broken U.fl Head

    Pardon if this is the wrong forum for this. I was wondering if it would be sufficient to conductive-glue the head back on this WiFi card? Soldering is currently not an option. Are there better methods repairing this type of connector damage? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
  2. easttxturtle

    Internal Blinking Light & Camera Issue

    I cant figure out why my camera is facing the wrong direction nor can I figure out what the blinking light is inside my p3p The outer shell was recently replaced and the gimble was as well. below are pics as well as a copy of the .txt file from the "hidden" log folder. Also in the text files one...
  3. J

    P3S FPV wifi antenna wires snapped after crash

    I was flying down a path in between trees when my drone lost GPS the wind took it and it flew into a tree. Luckily I wasn't flying too high but the crash ripped both the wifi antenna wires apart that attach to the gimbal. Has anyone got any advice on replacement antennas. Am I correct in...