1. F

    Phantom 4 can't see outside but fine inside

    I recently got a phantom from a friend. But, all of the camera settings say NA across the board and i cant adjust them. It flys fine but I can't see outside it just goes white but looks perfect inside. I also tried updating, through a pc, but after the download stage, it failed. Please let...
  2. T

    What are your favourite P4P accessories??

    ive had my p4p just over a year now, love it to bits. but just wondering what all your favourite accessories are for it? I recently purchased a PolarPro Dronetrekker Backpack which is awesome, but I have a lot of empty space for stuff! I have 2 batteries, ND filters all the basic stuff! just...
  3. UpLift Aerial

    Winter Breeze

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  4. Alex Assenmacher

    Understanding White Balance on your drones

    Dear family, here's another lecture out of my course, a new one, talking about the white balance. Understanding and knowing how to use it properly rather than just copying color temperature from someone talking in a video. It took me quite a while to do it but I hope you guys can enjoy and...
  5. Malakai

    White Ladies Priory short video

    A short video I made from footage I captured while visiting White Ladies Priory.