white house

  1. Jussaguy

    Small Craft UAS Bill is at the White House and did you know there is a night flying exemption now?

    It's going down. Did anyone even know that the FAA finalized an exemption for 333s that allow night flying? Sort of ironically, the first night 333 exemption was issued to a Canada based company with US offices (was issued April 18th). Also, that article I posted in the "how to make money"...
  2. mduehmig

    Is it ILLEGAL to fly within 15 miles of White House?

    I am sure this question was answered in a discussion earlier, but I searched and can't find it. So I apologize in advance for posting it again. For the first time, I might want/need to fly within the 15 mile envelope around the White House. AND I've never updated the firmware on my PV2+. So my...