which is better iphone or ipad

  1. C

    New, Excited and Ignorant!

    First off I have been tremendously grateful to stumble on this discussion group prior to purchasing my P4. Wealth of knowledge from some subject matter experts. I am going to be purchasing my first phantom as soon as I figure out what I need / want. I thought I knew but after reading a lot on...
  2. Damocleez

    Which would you chose for a P3 - iPad Mini 4 Cellular or iPhone 6+ ?

    I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for my Phantom 3 Advanced, which works fairly well but does lag a bit on longer flights. However, I have an opportunity to get either an iPad Mini 4 (Cellular version) or an iPhone 6+ to use instead of the Samsung Tablet. So what's best in your opinion...