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    Best Cinematic Wedding Filmmakers Kit - P4, A7SII, Crane plus

    Recently shot a wedding with the Mavic and A7SII balanced on Zhiyun Crane Plus as a combo. What do we think? Feedback welcome
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    HowTo: Drone WEDDING Basic Cinematic Moves (Venue/Entourage Tutorial

    Hey, here’s a quick beginner wedding drone tutorial with controls used and some tips. I hope some of you will find it useful!
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    Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned (First Time)

    First try at a wedding video and doing it for free as a solo project. So, I didn't really direct where people go or what they did, or plan anything for that matter. I also didn't go to the reception, as I really wasn't formally invited haha. One of the bridesmaids is a friend and she...
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    Trailer for a wedding I covered in Galesburg, IL

    Full video will be posted soon. Any comments welcome. Always looking to improve.
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    Ever seen a pontoon boat wedding like this? I droned one!

    Did a friend a favor, just wish my gimbal would have been fully functional..
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    Polish wedding ceremony - 4K video

    Hello! I have possibility to make a video during Polish wedding ceremony of my friends. It was filmed from Phantom 2 drone. Please take a look: Thank you Regards Marcin
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