1. OceanImaging

    Swellpro waterproof drone full review

    Ocean Imaging took Swellpro's Splash Drone 3 to Greenland, to put this waterproof drone to the ultimate test. “We really wanted this drone to be a success story because it promised everything we wanted in a drone. Stable 4K filming and waterproof” While the thought of a waterproof does sound...
  2. tml4191

    Would you ever use underwater drone footage with your DJI Phantom?

    Would you ever use this drone with your UAV to create some unique videos? A Look Inside an Underwater Drone Called PowerRay - WeTalkUAV
  3. WXDrone

    Calling all WaterProofers! Water Proof Your Drone

    Introduction: I'd like to start a constructive thread on achieving the goal of water proofing a drone. I've come across threads in the past, and sadly to say there was a lot of naysayers & negative posts of discouragement toward those who were asking. If you participate in this thread please be...
  4. Alex Assenmacher

    Reviewing a waterproof drone and giveaway

    Hi family, this week I couldn't upload a video filmed with my p3pro because I was busy doing this review. It's a waterproof drone, this was the reason why I chose to review it, and at the end of the video I'm giving it away. Feel free to participate ;) thanks,
  5. S

    DIY Phantom floats

    My brother finished the first version of his Phantom floats this morning and tried them out in the pool and in flight. The entire contraption comes in at 233 extra grams. It does bring the horizontal speed down to about 22mph, the tips of the bottles come into view at some points during...