water flight

  1. zander lane

    Bird Strike Incident

    ...just a reminder to pilots flying near the coast - BIRDS ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED! ...was flying next to a jetty in dana point harbor in california yesterday and was hovering to get a nice silhouette of a fisherman against a gorgeous sunset (about twenty minutes after sundown with two 3-mile...
  2. senatorKelley

    First time over water - Hines Park Michigan

    I gained enough confidence and flew over a lake in South East Michigan. Flying my Phantom 3 Pro. I have about 15 flights in so far, fairly new still and learning a lot!
  3. eaglewoodfilms

    Kayaking the floodplains and flying P4Pro

    Once in a few years when the signs are just right and the river Daugava in Latvia can't handle spring's meltwater the floodplains of river Dviete fill up and turn into a paradise for birds and adventure seekers. Many use this rare opportunity to jump into their kayaks and paddle through forests...
  4. C

    Pontoons for p4p

    I'm flying over water more often then over land and it's just a matter of time before.... Where can I buy pontoons for my p4p? How much flying time does it take away? Thanks, Chuck
  5. S

    Saying goodbye to summer is hard

    We had two DJI phantom 3's flying in tandem to get different angles of our last days of summer. Let me know what you think!
  6. F

    Flying over water

    New to the community and have not attempted a water flight yet. I have a few flights and videos under my belt with my P3 pro and would like to try a few flight over some of the river ways in my area. The questions I have are if you go to the "a" mode or switch off the sensors on the underside...
  7. toddsworld

    Any Tips flying over water?

    Hi everyone, I just got my Phantom 3S and haven't had the opportunity yet to fly it of any distance over 25 feet away from me due to gusty winds. My backyard is located on a lake and I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips about how to safely fly over bodies of water. I know I am probably...