1. A

    Massive Abandoned Warehouse - 4K

    Please, if you liked the video, DON'T click on my channel and subscribe! ;);)...See I have to do the opposite of promoting my channel which would be to depromote it, ehh?!?! Seriously though, hope you enjoy!
  2. JxBx80

    Amazon Warehouse Construction VIDEO - Jacksonville FL

    The video is short (just 1 minute). I decided to stop and take a video of the construction process of the new Amazon facility/warehouse/distribution center being built out by me (in Jacksonville, FL). I drove past this weekend and they have all the walls up now so I'm glad I stopped and got...
  3. L

    Abandoned complex

    Hey :) I just found out in my city where I grew up there's a huge abandoned complex of warehouses and couldn't wait until I will get there to make some footage. I am quite satisfied how it turned out except maybe stuttering of video which is maybe post production issue. Made with P3S. I would...
  4. M

    Drone for Inventory Conciliation in Warehouse

    Hi, I am currently looking to implement Aerial Drones to perform inventory reconciliation with my company WMS. The drone would have to perform an indoor fly route; or to be controlled by a computer or application performing a fly path and taking pictures in specific points. The case scenario...