1. M

    YouTube Feedback

    Hey everybody! I've been using my phantom 4 to make some youtube videos and would like some feedback on them. Linked is my most recent one Thank you and enjoy!
  2. P

    Filming wakeboarding with a drone

    A few clips of my mate wakeboarding last week
  3. nsheridan19

    Hexagon cable wakeboard park with p3a and gopro

    Was talking with the owner and he was cool with me bringing my drone out. Enjoy !
  4. H

    Wakeboarding Nautique G23

    Spent some more time wake boarding this summer and doing some filming. Still my favorite place to fly is off the boat. There's a bunch of DJI Phantom 4 use in this video so I figured I would share!
  5. H

    Nautique G23 Wakeboarding with Drone and Crashes

    Shot this about a year ago and figured I would share it with you guys. Flying from the boat is a little nerve wracking at first but it's now one of my favorite places to fly from!