1. W

    Phantom 2 issues & crash

    Alright, so I have a couple problems with my bird, just when I thought I managed to get it all up and running... A little backstory: I put together a Phantom 2 with H3-3D and a FPV setup. By put together I mean buying a stripped down Vision (without Wifi and camera), replacing the Tx and Rx for...
  2. Panamedia

    Vortex Ring State on P4?

    Has anyone experienced this? It seems to me that a P4 could be immune to this... possibly because of the inboard tilt of the rotors? I have tried MANY times to induce VRS but cannot. I know it was an issue on previous Phantoms.
  3. StumbleBee

    Vortex Ring State (Stall); A video demo and explanation

    Here's a video I found by a knowledgeable and skilled pilot. He demonstrates VRS, what causes it and how to avoid it. Most remarkable is his demonstration of how to get out of it if it happens to you. I knew about fixed wing stall and didn't fully realize that VRS is the copter version of...