vision plus

  1. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  2. Bernie1998

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Camera and Gimbal not working

    Ok so I just bought a Phantom 2 Vision Plus off my friend knowing that the ribbon cable and role motor were broken on the gimbal. I bought a new ribbon cable off ebay and glued the motor back into position. After hooking it back up and putting it together I turned on the phantom and nothing. The...
  3. F

    Manual and safe mode

    Dear 'colleagues', This question certainly has been posted more often I'm sure but I cannot find the answer. Can anyone help me?: In the Phantom 2 Vision Plus will the Failsafe procedure always start with a LOL, also when you re flying in atti or manual mode? Thanks a lot for your knowledge!
  4. robsquad

    adding a gopro4 to rear of v+

    anyone added a gopro to the rear of a vision + ? how did you mount it ? rob