1. Lindsaybev

    Trying to get VP9 codec applied in YouTube, but failing....Sony Vegas Pro

    I am trying to upload my 2.7K 23.9fps and 29.9fps videos uploaded to YouTube with their coveted vp9 setting so that my videos look nice. I worked so hard on them, and they look terrible after YouTube gets done compressing them with avc1. I use sony vegas pro. I am using native 2.7K video...
  2. Mindflights


    hello folks that's my new short about the heavy winter here in my home town, Didymoteicho, Greece "NorthStar" Enjoy!
  3. 28wins

    SoCal DJI Phantom 4 owners group on Vimeo

    I set-up a group for us to post videos and socialize on Vimeo Please PM your email address with a sentence of two to explain why you'd like to join so I can invite you if you are interested.