video preview

  1. Argoxp

    Lowering quality of video preview on DJI app

    Hello all! Is it possible to lower the streaming quality between the drone and the cellphone preview ? lower bitrate or resolution, or even FPS? Im thinking that 1024×576 (or lower if possible) at 15 FPS should be enough. Any input is appreciated.
  2. K

    Professional Video won't play back on laptop

    I've seen others post this with no answer.... DJI Phantom 3 pro: using android (Galaxy S5) video was set to 4K and (3840 x 2160) 30 frames per second, and recording as .MOV format I fly and record video just fine, and make sure to stop recording before turning off the phone or bird. I can...
  3. G

    P3A/P range and video preview quality

    Hi, I am aware this has been asked in various formats before but I could really need an updated advice. Sold my p2v+ and currently debating whether to put in the extra bucks for a p3p. I reakly have no need for 4k video but I am looking for the best range with the best fpv experience (on a...