video breakup

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    DJI P4P won't transmit video!

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro that had a recent crash. I had been flying the drone off and on for about a year using my Samsung Tab a(6) tablet without a hitch. Initially, when I received back my repaired drone during a test flight I noticed torn video and weird displayed video, though ALL other...
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    Video issues

    I don’t get it. I have been watching Phantom 4 Pro videos on my five year old Dell laptop and my new Samsung Tab A tablet since I purchased my drone in June 2017 with no issues of any kind. That is until the last couple of weeks. I was using the built in Windows 10 video player on the laptop and...
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    Latest DJI Go not running on Ipad Mini 3 with P3P

    I have used an Ipad Mini 3 with my P3P for the last year without issues. However I am now getting stuttering video with half of the screen missing, freezing frames, etc. on my Ipad Mini 3. The video from the controller HDMI port displays fine on a monitor. I changed a lot of settings etc. and...
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    Accidentally updated AC before RC? Video is horrible now

    wasn’t thinking and updated the aircraft before the controller. Didn’t seem that big of a deal but the video feed was awful and flash a green bar across the screen, was fine before the update. Can I reinstall firmware, there’s gotta be a fix! Thx
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    Video through DJI Go App Glitching on iPads

    Hey Everyone- I have two P3P and a P4 that I am using with iPads (mini and full size). iPads are only one generation old. All software is up to date. We are having trouble with the video through the app is glitching and stuttering, but the video coming through the HDMI Out port, to a...
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    Getting a P3Pro back in the Air - Gimbal Drift and Video Breakup

    Had a crash, it cracked the shell and broke the yaw arm. I replaced both, and resoldered a couple of the big caps that got knocked loose off the main board. I've done a pretty thorough inspection of all the boards and cables with a loupe, no other components damaged. Also replaced the gimbal...
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    Possible Video Downlink Fix for P4P

    Note: this ONLY applies to the downlink video and NOT the video recorded on the onboard Card Having experienced horrible lag, complete loss of image and green screen with a P4P+ I returned it (Amazon returns are totally, absolutely 100% trouble free by the way) and got the non-plus P4P It was...