video adjustment

  1. D

    Cool Aliasing Effect on Stadium Video..But how do I avoid it?

    Although I think the effect is cool, there are many times, particularly on real estate shoots that the roofs give this effect and I don't want it. Tips on how to avoid it? Watch the video and let me know please. Thanks!
  2. jdeloney

    Making multiple cuts of single video wih DJI GO editor (P3 Standard)

    I want to edit a one minute video into two parts. I can only seem to slide the cut bars from each end, once this is done is there a way to activate part of the already cut section? Is there a way to use the start and the end of the video and just cut the middle out?
  3. L

    Standard Blurry video footage

    I recently purchased a P3 standard and after recording a few videos I can't get any to play back on my galaxy s7 without being blurry. Clear footage on macbook but how can I edit and watch on phone at good quality? Have tried watching after uploading to YouTube but still blurry
  4. F

    Missing Camera Control Icon

    I can't for the life of me find the icon on my Iphone 7 or my Ipad that allows me to control the video camera settings. I have no problem when using my Android based version of the DJI Go app but can't seem to find it with the IOS version of the app. I'm using DJI GO ver 3.1.2. I'm looking to...