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    Phantom is Vibrating and video has MASSIVE jello.

    Hi, my name is Weston, and I'm trying to use my Phantom 3 standard for real estate video, but the bird vibrates like crazy, and the gimbal can't compensate, so video is unusable. I've tried shooting at 1/50th Shutter speed with a ND Filter, and that helps a bit, but video still unusable. I've...
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    Cheap gimbal problems - have I wired this completely wrong?

    Hi, I am pretty new to my quadcopter, literally about a weeks experience so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I bought a cheap gimbal for my hero 3+. I have watched about 6 - 7 million videos on how to wire it, most videos show similar wiring but I seem to have some weird problems. The...