1. Green Phantom

    The Phantom 3 Standard can still stand proud and love it

    Anyone else feel their 3 Standard still produces very good footage and performs well? i really want a 4 or Mavic but then i look at my recent videos and think the 3S produces nice footage and edits well. The only thing i feel that's missing is not having 60fps in full HD 1080p. Anyone else...
  2. Green Phantom

    Video of Viaduct - edited to the music

    Hi This is my latest video of these two viaducts in Derbyshire. I wanted to do something a little different to what i was doing before which was always fading between each clip. So this one moves from clip to clip in time with the music. i really like it. Comments and suggestions welcome...
  3. AndyGB

    Seton Park Viaduct, Toronto

    Sunrise at Seton Park in Toronto this morning — and then a video exploring the viaduct.