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  1. kerrylaw7307

    FW upgrade? or not? Yes? / NO? P3P

    Guys, I've been reading these threads for a couple of nights now. I'm running DJI GO v2.4.3, Aircraft FW and RC are both at 1.3.2. I know I'm pretty outdated, and WANT to upgrade, but OMG!!!! .... Half the time I read.. " If what you have works, don't upgrade!" The other half of the...
  2. Etop

    Firmware version for P3 Standard

    Finally got the info I was looking for. So far, my information is - App = 3.1.1 Aircraft ver.=1.7.9. Is this the best firmware version. I find it to be buggy and not very reliable. I purchased this P3 near the end of November. This is the initial software update. If there is a more reliable...