1. ckf

    Snowmobile trail grooming video

    I went out to shoot video of snowmobiles riding through the field and happened to catch the groomer coming through.
  2. ckf

    Sunday's Flight in Northern Vermont

    After a mostly cloudy day it cleared up late Sunday afternoon just in time to film some video with good light. I flew lower this time so you can see the ice houses out on the lake better. Was hoping to catch some snowmobiles riding on the lake, but didn't see any.
  3. ckf

    A trip over the lake

    Island Pond, VT
  4. ckf

    Couple photos from today in Vermont

    I was able to get the P3A in the air again today here in Northern Vermont. It warmed up to a balmy 22°F, LOL Here are a couple photos from the flight. Island Pond Spectacle Pond
  5. ckf

    Hello from Vermont

    Hello everyone. I just joined the forum yesterday after ordering a P3A. My original plan was to keep flying my Aries X-10 until late spring and then upgrade to a Phantom 3. But I just couldn't pass up the current price for the P3A.